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Decathlon Run ‘n’ Explore II!

Wow.. 2019 is already on a roll!!!
New year means new rounds and new chances!
And 8 people took this awesome chance, explained below:
Ever followed the Decathlon ‘Start to Run’ course or one of our Run 'n' Explore clinics?
Need a litlle motivation to pick up your running again, or would you like to 'take the next running- step'?

Then this is your chance!

At Decathlon Rotterdam Coolsingel we'll soon start our third serie of 6 unique runningclinics on Friday evening, the 4th of January.

Anyone who likes running or who would like to start liking running again, is welcome!
Your current speed or distance doesn't matter. It's going to be a fun, interesting, sportive and also informative serie of 6 clinic.

What makes these runningclinics so special?
The 'leader' of this clinic- pack is Rotterdam Sightrunning Tourguide Anne! Besides her passion for running, she also has a big love for the city of Rotterdam and she loves sharing both passions with other runners.

In collaboration with Decathlon, she's going to 'hit the road' with the Run 'n' Explore participants for 6 Friday nights from 19h until 20h.

Each clinic will take place in a different part of town and running will be alternated with some interesting facts and stories about the area where we are training.
In this way, the clinics are accessible for all runners from Rotterdam and surroundings.
And running through this awesome city will be even more fun, which makes you wanna run and explore this city yourself even more!

The exat dates of Run 'n' Explore part 3 will soon be announced but will definitely be on Friday evenings from 19h till 20h.
We meet on the top floor of the Decathlon Coolsingel and the timeframe is 19-20h.
Costs for the 6 weeks course is €48 p.p.

As soon as the dates are announced, you can register! There's a limited amount of spaces available.


If you have any questions? Please go to our contact page.