World Port Days

Wereld havendagen 2019 Rotterdam

The Rotterdam Sightrunning Tours and the World Port Days!

During next year’s World Port Days (September 6th- 8th, 2019), The Rotterdam Sightrunning Tours will offer you different types of running tours again!

Next year’s theme is not known yet, but as soon as we know we’ll make sure we bring some runners-energy to this fantastic event.
Please keep an eye on our website and facebook page!

'World Port Morning Navy Run'.

On Saturday and Sunday morning you have the chance to join a great maritime running tour, in cooperation with the Dutch Navy!

Who is joining running tourguide Anne on Saturday or Sunday morning, September 8th/ 9th, together with ‘real navy men (and women)’, for a great run!

On the picture she is still on her own, but she knows you will come and help her out to stand up tall against all these Navy muscles!
We’ll start our run at 8.20am in front of the Marathon statue on the north side of the Erasmusbridge, together with our awesome Dutch navy men (and women)!
And we'll explore the festival area in a fun way while running. Around 10am we’ll be back at the Marathon statue.

Would you like to experience the festival from a different point of view and at the same time have an awesome running- workout together with the Dutch Navy?
Register yourself now!

*This run takes place before the festival area opens up for the public.
*The run is max. 7km en we'll be running at a 'conversational- pace'. There will also be moments where we will stop for a little chat or a picture. This makes our tour accessible for any type of runner.
*The tour costs €19 p.p.

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