World Port Days

Wereld havendagen 2019 Rotterdam

The Rotterdam Sightrunning Tours and the World Port Days!

Wow! It seems like ages ago, doesn't it?

The second edition of our World Port Days Rotterdam Sightrunning Tour, edition 2019!

What an awesome experience it was!

So.. Time for a third edition in which we'll make up for the Covid damage.
That's why this year's tour is going te be even more spectacular!

During the coming edition of the World Port Days 2022, we'll offer a great runningtour on Saturday ànd Sunday morning.

And of course the Navy will be on board again this year as well and they also want to show you that they haven't slacked a bit during Covid.

Who's on board with us for the coming edition??

For the 'fast' decision makers, the tickets are for sale through our website. Click on the button below and you can buy your ticket for €19.

When the official World Port Days ticket sale starts, half August, then our tour tickets will only be available through their website. Then you're going to be linked to their website throug here.

On both days, the tours are the same!

But please be aware: Full = Full.

So, please register as fast as possible and set your alarm for Saturday, September 3rd, 8.15 am or Sunday, September 4th, 8.15am.
Then we're going to make sure you're going to have an unforgettable morning!

Buy your tickets here!

To get in the mood, please check this video: